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Exploration - Grachan Moncur III Octet
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"The arrangements are played with crackling intensity by this sterling octet, and the improvisations follow suit. Suffice it to say that every solo is impressive... hearty congratulations are due all everyone involved with the project. EXPLORATION is a great record.

-Marc Meyers,

"All in all, this is a fine record. Bristling with intelligence, good humor and swing, Moncur's music stands the test of time...Nice to see him back."

-Peter Marsh, BBC

"Grachan Moncur III has been out of the limelight for decades...EXPLORATION is a fine and fitting welcome back."

-Dan McClenaghan,

"Masters...has grabbed Moncur out of the arms of obscurity and created an album that is part homage and part triumphant return...The largest ensemble ever to record Moncur's ambitious-yet-accessible material with Moncur's involvement, Masters' arrangements bring out the richness that could heretofore only be imagined."

-John Kelman,
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