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Wish Me Well - Mark Masters Ensemble
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" WISH ME WELL is one of those rare tribute CDs that successfully captures the essence of its subject and functions as a definitive artistic statement by the musicians who created it. This is a "must-have" disc, and a superb work of art from one of America's finest jazz ensembles."

-David Wayne,

"The perfect balance of Masters' charts and the intimate sound captured by engineer Talley Sherwood combine to make this an essential CD."

-Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

"Masters has dusted off, tweaked and just plain had fun with McFarland's compositions--which, in jazz, is of course as it always should be.-.From the jaunty MONK'S SPHERE to the final, wistful title track, surprises and pleasures that mandate multiple listens abound here

-Brad Weismann, Colorado Daily, Boulder

"...Masters is too much his own arranger; he knows when to pay homage and when to assert his ingenious chops. Solowise, baritonist Gary Smulyan, trumpeter Tim Hagans, and pianist Steve Kuhn steal the limelight."

-Harvey Siders, Jazz Times
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