The American Jazz Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enrichment and enhancement of the appreciation of jazz music. From its humble beginnings in New Orleans at the turn of the century, jazz evolved into one of America's enduring world contributions, a "universal language" understood by all.

Continuing in this spirit, AJI seeks to preserve this national treasure as well as expand upon it by spotlighting America's great jazz composers, arrangers and musicians — both firmly established and newly discovered, from traditional to avant garde.

  • To advance and promote jazz music throughout the world.

  • To maintain a repertory orchestra to play new and archival jazz music.

  • To educate and expose the public to jazz by live performances and panel discussions.

  • To physically house, archive and preserve jazz music: compositions, scores, arrangements, recordings, artwork, photographs, film and other jazz works.

  • To seek and attract donations of jazz works with an emphasis on original compositions, scores, arrangements, and recordings.

  • To make jazz works available for research study and education.

  • To support charitable endeavors that promote and advance jazz music.

The American Jazz Institute is an I.R.C. 501(c) (3) corporation.

AJI is an affiliate of Team Frankie Laine!

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Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Mark A. Masters, President

Alfred Bryman
Pete Carlson
Scott Ellsworth
Alan P. Schultz

Ronald Teeples (1935-2008)
Audree Coke Kenton (1922-2012)

Andrew Cyrille
Ray Drummond
Scott Evans
Gary Foster
Reed Gratz
Tim Hagans
Billy Harper
Nat Hentoff
Clay Jenkins
Lee Konitz

John LaPorta (1920-2004)
Gene Lees (1928-2010)

Kirsten Edkins
Director of Community Outreach